Finance Committee Roster

Finance Vice Chair
Bill Geiszler

Southeast District:
Dave Henderson (SEVA)
Southwest District:
Gordon Hair (SW)
Central District:
Will Murphy (hnvr)
Northern District:
Karen Sizemore (RAYS)
Brian Cann (UN)
Justin Geiszler (QSTS)
Isabelle Crampton (TSU)
Lexi Nussbaum (HOKI)
Ex Officio:
Mary Turner
(Executative Director)
Ex Officio:
Bob Rustin
Approved Budget 2019-2020      Athlete Travel Proposal 2019-2020
Treasurer: Bob Rustin
Monthly Actuals & YTD Expenses 2019-2020
Sept. Summary
Oct. Summary
End of Year Summary
Feb. Summary
Mar. Summary
April. Summary
June Summary
July Summary
August and End of Year Summary
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