Diversity : Women's Leadership Summit
Location: Black Forest, CO (northern Colorado Springs)
Date: April 7 - 9, 2017

Virginia Swimming Coach Representatives Head Coach All Coaches
Kevin McHaney - BASS (2014-2016)
  Drew Hirth (NOVA) (2015-2017)
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2015-2016 Age Group Coach of the Year 2015-2016 Senior Coach of the Year
David Schreck/Diane Cayce (NOVA) Geoff Brown/Jamie Greenwood (NOVA)

Past Years Age Group Coach of the Year Senior Coach of the Year
2014-2015 Kathy Fonder / Brett Fonder (GATR)
Dudley Duncan / John Smithson (QSTS)
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Mike Clesner,

a coach in Virginia Swimming
for the past 18 years,
passed away on February 18th.
More information.
Jon Raymond,,

a Virginia Swimming coach for many years,
passed away on January 8th. 
We express our deepest condolences
to his family and team members.
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