Committee Roster
LSC Technical Planning Chair
Jessica Simons
Southeast District
Richard Hunter (TIDE)
Karen Kenan (ODAC)
Southwest District
Amy Brehl (HOKI)
Ryan Woodruff (LY)

Central District
Phil Gibb (QSTS)
Ralph Jones (SRVA)

Northern District
Peter Maloney (TSU)
Stephanie Suhling (RAYS)
Logan Euker (RAYS)
Allison Dodd (QSTS)
Owen Geddes (TSU)
At Large
John Stanley
Terry Randolph
Ex Officio:
Chairs of the Age Group, Senior, and Coaches committees
CURRENT Tech Planning Reports
2018-2019 VSI Swimming Schedule    BOD April Report    Numbers for District & Region Champs
HOD Minutes
(usually meets at 10:30am on HoD Meeting dates)
Oct 1 2017 Committee HOD Report
2004-2015 Archive Committee Meeting Minutes / Reports

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