Committee Roster
LSC Officials Chair
Dan Demers

Voting Members
Southeast District Chair Central District Chair North District Chair Southwest District Chair
Genny Kimbel Bob Rustin Michael Sizemore George Zolovick (South)

Beth Arnold (North)
At-Large Representatives
Ralph Jones John Squires Official Apparel
Scott Farrar
Will Murphy
Non-Voting Members
Coach Representative Athlete Representative Officials Tracking System
Art Anthony Lewis Rockwell
Georg Fuhs
Ex Officio
John Stanley
This information is for official Virginia Swimming business.  Please protect it accordingly.

Each club/team should have a designated Team Officials Chair. The responsibilities of the Team Officials Chair include recruiting new officials, providing updated information for the VSI Officials Roster, providing availability of their officials to the Host Team Officials Chair for meets, and staffing officials for meets that are hosted by their club. Team Officials Chair Roles and Responsibilities provides a comprehensive overview of the position.
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Committee Meeting Minutes
Committee Meeting Minutes
Last Modified: Questions / comments?  Please contact  Dan Demers,   LSC Officials Chair.