Committee Roster
   LSC Disability Swimming Coordinator
David Strider
Art Anthony     Jon Larson
Dalton Herendeen
Joseph Peppersack     Katy Nunez
Brieanna Romney    Sean Harrington
Jessica Simons
Pat Donohue    Kim Downs
John Harrington      Jody Peppersack
Ray Tubbs   Sandy Peppersack
On behalf of the VSI Disability Committee, I thank our parents, coaches , officials, and countless volunteers for support of
our very dear and committed disability swimmers.

Pat  Donohue worked at the Paralympic meet , Can/Am,  in December , as an official .
Pat has extensive experience with Disability Swimming Officiating and is a key member of the VSI  Disabilty Committee.

Disability Guidelines
As the COVID-19 virus expands, we ask you to keep your athletes safe. Although not swimming,, it is very important to maintain a healthy diet, keep active with daily exercise, and get plenty of sleep. Maintenance of a daily schedule is imperative. Take frequent walks outside , in your yard, or if confined to your house, do exercise sets 3 to 4 times per day. Use your computer to the MAX, to communicate effectively with your friends, peer students / team members, and your teachers if still in school. Look at creative ways to communicate with those individuals who may not have access to a computer. If you have any signs of a respiratory infection (Fever, persistent cough, trouble breathing) then report to your doctor or emergency room or Urgent Care clinic, for a timely evaluation . Wash your hands every chance you get !! Stay Well. !!!

Meningtis Article

Sickle Cell Diseases
     Congential Heart Defects and Swimming     Seizures at the Pool - What do we do?
   VSI Disability Swimmer of the Year Criteria    Disability Guide for LSC   

Meet Directors     Officials     Coaches     Parents        Role of LSC Disability Chair     Safety and Risk Management  Guide for Coaches

Disability  Condition in the Spotlight for this season will include diabetes mellitus.

VSI current or former disability swimmers who are still quite active in the sport
Joseph Peppersack excelled in the 100 backstroke in the Para-Pan games last fall, earning a SILVER medal. He has been swimming for the Univ of Mary Washington.
Samantha Tubbs was named to the National B team and she continued to train at the Olympic Training Center   She competed in the Para National Championships in Lewisville, Texas in December and in the Tropical Challenge in Grand Rapids, Michigan in January. She also went to the National Team Camp in Colorado Springs in January, 2020.  She continues to take classes at DeVry University and she worked as a swimming instructor with Safe Splash Program at Colorado Springs.  She is currently quarantined in Colorado Springs, unable to train or work and is mentally regrouping with the postponement of key competitions, Trials, and the 2020 Paralympics..” She is working to make the best of it all. “
Sean Harrington has less work at the hospital now at Chesapeake, due to lower volume of surgical cases, related to COVID-19.  The YMCA is also closed, so he is riding his bike for miles and miles.

Emily Scovel no longer swims competitively, but she is currently focused on therapeutic horseback riding.

Kenley Teller (nine year old) athlete with disability , on NOVA  team.
Her father writes: 'Kenley has shown  unmatched potential this past year , in para swimming for a nine year old. She has set six Junior National Records at the Adaptive Sports USA Junior Nationals in
Minneapolis,  Minn.  She achieved qualifying times  for the US  Para National Championships. She will attend the event this year in Texas, making her the youngest swimmer ever to participate in the meet.
Kenly has advanced two age groups this season on NOVA.   She will swim both the short course and the long course seasons with NOVA and all eligible meets. Also,  Kenly may swim the
Bill Keating , Jr. Memorial Meet in Cincinnati, Ohio.  She is practicing two times a week with NOVA  and participating in a running club on alternate days."
The  VSI Disability Committee  applauds  NOVA  Coach Anita  Dillman for working with twoHandicapped swimmers and for including them in the regular VSI meets this year.
World Paralympics Events
Key Para National and nternational )Swimming Meets

The International Paralympic Committee recently published
, after many committee meetings, the strategic framework and goals for all World Para Sports, which of course includes swimming.

The Vision, Mission, Values and Athlete Sport Characteristics for Paralympic Swimmers are below:
Vision: Enable Para athletes to showcase their abilities and fulfi l their full potential at all levels from the grassroots through to the high performance level.
Mission: Develop a long-term competition calendar which encourages and increases athlete participation, provides high levels of professional officiating and classification, fair competition, and boosts the profile of the sport and its athletes.
Values Courage Determination Inspiration Equality
Sport characteristics Athlete centered , Collaborative and engaging Fair and accountable Open and ethical
Upcoming Disability Meets & Events
Sept. 22, 2018                           2018 Deaflympics Pack, Poland
Sept. 15-16, 2018 The California Classic: (PI  Nat  Classifications   available) Yucaipa, CA:
Sept. 8,2018 The USA Paralympic Swimming Clinic Lakeland, Florida
Sept. 23-28, 2018 The USA Aquatic Sports Convention -
Jacksonville, Florida
October 20-21, 2018 The ASL   Fred   Lamback  Disability  Meet  Augusta, GA
December 14 – 16, 2018
usa para olympics
Can-Am OPEN Charlotte, N.C
held January 21 - 22, 2018 The Disability Swimming Workshop Colorado Springs OTC
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