Committee Members
LSC Administrative Review Chair
George Homewood Karen Miller Terry Randolph
Coach: Art Anthony Athlete: Shane Catherman Athlete: Courtney Wolfgang
USA Swimming was organized as the National Governing Body (NGB) for the sport of swimming under the Amateur Sports Act of 1978 (amended in 1998), a federal law. The law requires USA Swimming to establish and maintain provisions for the swift and equitable resolution of all disputes involving any of its members. Before an individual or club member is denied to the right to participate in a competition, the individual or club has the right to request and have a hearing before, and a determination of, the Zone Board of Review or the National Board of Review. If the individual or club member is permitted to participate subject to a protest, a hearing and determination may take place after the competition is concluded.

VSI has established an Administrative Review Board to hear complaints and appeals regarding administrative matters within the LSC that do not rise to the level of Code of Conduct violations and are not appeals of sanction decisions. The Administrative Review Board has no jurisdiction to hear complaints regarding conduct that may violate the USA Swimming Code of Conduct or otherwise violate the policies, procedures, rules and regulations adopted by USA Swimming, or conduct that may bring USA Swimming, VSI or the sport of swimming into disrepute.

The members of the Administrative Review Board also serve as nominees from VSI to the Zone Board of Review.
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