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Safe Sport Coordinator

News / Announcements
Special Awards Presented at October Banquet

Coach of Year:
Age Group:  Kathy Fonder & Brett Fonder (GATR)
Senior: Geoff Brown & Mark Kutz (NOVA)
Disability Athlete of the Year: 
Joseph Peppersack
Open Water Swimmer of the Year:
15/18 Age Group:  
Female:  Jessica Arnold (SMAC)   Male:  Camden Smith (TAC)
14 & Y: 
Female:  Laura Hodge (HOKI)   Male:  Dan Bannon (TIDE)
Swimmer of the Year:
10 & U: Female:  Zoe Dixon (NOVA) Male: Thomas Fitchett (GATR)       11/12: Female: Olivia Bray (GATR)   Male: Adam Kerr (PSDN)
13/14:    Female: Joelle Vereb (WAC) Male: David Dixon (NOVA)            15/18: Female: Remedy Rule (SMAC) Male: Towley Haas (NOVA)
Four athletes make Junior National Teams

Jessica Arnold
2014 FINA Open Water World Junior Championship

Remedy Rule
2014-2015 USA Swimming National Junior Team

Townley Haas
2014-2015 USA Swimming National Junior Team

Austin Temple
2014-2015 USA Swimming National Junior Team
Make a Splash Hero Award
Gordon Hair
Lifetime Achievement
Jim Frye
Click for more information on the Officials page.

Terry Randolph was recognized during the House of Delegates for her 40 year anniversary
Gordon Hair was presented the Phillips 66 Volunteer Service Award at the House of Delegates

At the Swimposium the following officials were recognized with their service pins:

25 Year Pin- Roy Fisher

20 Year Pin- Lee Gibbs

15 Year Pin- Gordon Hair and Betsey Poehler

10 Year Pin- Kent Gay, Cy Witherow, Jessica DeLong, Bryan Wallin, Susan Gorton, Ken Romney, David Bihl, Michael Braum, Janet Sheffer, Glenn Watkins, Gene Watson and Jill Rhyne

5 Year Pin- Connie Pryor, Robert Robinson, Bill Ashby, Lori Russo, Peter Elmore, David Fellowes, Soozi Lewis, Heather Mackey, Daneil Curran, Jeff Kauffman, David Lundgren, Paul Shriner, Michael Romanowski, Carla Pins, Jon Douglas, Mike Denning, Barbara Craib, Lee Holder, Georg Fuhs and Art Zachery

Business Office News

A list of current team representatives has been posted on the House of Delegates page.  Please check this list for accuracy and let Mary know of any changes that need to be made.  Remember all representatives must be registered members of Virginia Swimming.

Coach Mentoring Program
Coaches, Virginia Swimming has been approved by USA Swimming for funding to sponsor a Coach Mentoring Program.  The program is setup for coaches to get help in any area they may need.
Learn more.

Learn-to-Swim Program
The mission of Virginia Swimming’s Learn-to-Swim program is to raise awareness of the need and to provide the motivation, systems, and tools to waterproof our community so that all children have basic swimming skills and are safe around the water. 
Virginia Swimming will invest in grants for learn-to-swim and water safety programs geared towards young people who otherwise would not have the opportunity to participate in such programs.  Make a Splash Local Partner Programs and USA Swimming-registered VSI swim teams are eligible to apply for grant funding.

Learn more / Application

USA Swimming Safe Sport Parents Training
The USA Swimming Safe Sport Program is proud to offer free athlete protection training to the parents of our member athletes.  Parents are a critical component to our overall goal to protecting children from sexual abuse.  The comprehensive online programming includes information about how offenders operate; how to recognize and respond to boundary violations, myths and facts about child sexual abuse and USA Swimming’s Athlete Protection Policies and Procedures.

Flyer     Link to Course

Virginia Swimming Safe Sport Rewards Program     Flyer

USA Swimming Safe Sport Athletes Training
The USA Swimming Safe Sport Program is proud to offer free athlete protection training to our member athletes. 
This training will provide information to athletes about sexual abuse prevention, how to identify inappropriate behavior, and how to report concerns.
Flyer     Link to Course


USA Swimming Safe Sport Web Page

Team USA Stop Abuse Web Page


If you are interested in serving on the Virginia Swimming Safe Sport Committee, please contact Jerry Hayes, Safe Sport Coordinator.

LSC Meetings
Last House of Delegate's Meeting:  5 October 2014  Agenda   Minutes
Next Meeting:  April 2015   Doubletree by Hilton
Agenda   Directions   ByLaws Change   Policies/Procedures Change
Last Board of Director's Meeting:  5 October 2014  Agenda   Minutes
Next Meeting:  November 2014   Doubletree by Hilton
Agenda   Directions   ByLaws Change   Policies/Procedures Change

Virginia Swimming Safety-Gram

"Take Caution with Muscle Creams"
With the beginning of another swimming season; sore, tired muscles are to be expected. However, caution should be used in how we treat these sore muscles.  Excessive use of muscle creams containing methyl salicylate, the wintergreen-scented ingredient found in anti-inflammatory liniments such as;
Ben Gay, Icy Hot and Tiger Balm should be avoided. It was reported a couple of months ago that a 17 year old track star died from an accidental overdose of this muscle cream ingredient.  If the tired sore muscles persist, it would be best to seek treatment from a doctor rather than use these types of creams. There has to be a heightened awareness and agreement within the sports community that these products are something that needs to be used under medical supervision.
Learn more ...

Go to Safety Tips for more ...

Virginia Swimming strives for Excellence!
We will: 

  • Provide opportunities for swimmers of all abilities to achieve to the highest level of their capability through effective, innovative and inspired events and programs.

  • Support and sustain excellence among all non-athlete members through education, encouragement, and recognition.

  • Embody the highest standards of sportsmanship and, in recognition that swimming is but one part of our existence, promote those values that lead to success in all aspects of life.  


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Toyota Virtual Club Championships
LC 2014 9th, 38th, 88th, 127th, and 145th
out of about 2,800+ clubs/teams nationally (Top 5.0%)
Check your Club's ranking!

Take a look

Townley Haas (NOVA) has done it again !!!
2014 Junior Pan Pacific Swimming ChampionshipTownley set meet record in 200 M Freestyle individual 4X200 Freestyle Relay with a record breaking time of 1:48.29. 1st in the 800 M Freestyle in the 100 M Freestyle (he had the top time in the event.

Pan Pacific Championships

Leah Smith (CAV)
7th in 200 Freestyle Prelim
9th in 800 Freestyle
1st in 800 Freestyle Relay

9th in 400 Freestyle


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